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After a decade of living in Europe, and arriving in Taupo in 2004, Shane Thomson immediately fell in love with the local environment and lifestyle it offered. Purchasing a home was a natural next step – however, when organizing a cleanup of both the house and grounds, he quickly realized there was a gap in the market for a company that provided solutions to ALL potential property maintenance problems.

Sure, there were plenty of guys who would regularly – almost blindly – mow a lawn. Only. Or other guys who could give the fence a professional paint. Only. And what if a portion of the lawn was problematic, in the shade too much, and better-off planted? Did the lawn mowing guy have that expertise? And could the lawn-mowing guy trim that shade-creating tree? Would he have the right gear, or the necessary insurance in case anything went wrong? Or in the case of a holiday home, could he also keep a regular ‘eye’ on the mail box, the mould growing on the rear deck, the tree blown-down in the latest storm, or the spare car parked in the garage? No-one offered an all-in-one service; and most such trademen were one ‘discipline’ only.

So Thomson set about creating MANfriday 2005 Ltd, to provide a professional total property maintenance company. Today, MANfriday is a team of 5, performing a wide variety of service – lawnmowing to garden tidy-ups, landscaping to fence construction or retaining walls, turning on the hot water for a soon-to-arrive-holiday-home-owner to fully refurbishing a home indoor and out for an overseas owner….and drawing on specialized experts for advice or quotes where needed (say a plumber or builder for an indoor leak in a holiday home). Thomson’s key strategy is for MANfriday to quickly find the solution to any problem so that the homeowner – local or absentee – can immediately cease worrying, and start maximizing what Taupo is all about – a healthy lifestyle.

Robert has been working at Manfriday for a number of years now and has a great understanding of the standards we require for our property maintenance. His main focus is mowing lawns but overseas all other tasks such as tree work and hedge trimming as a team leader.

He uses Walker ride on mowers predominately and we mulch mow approximately 90 % of the lawns in Taupo with Walkers double blade system ensuring there is no side discharge of messy grass.This also tends to be better for the lawns in Taupo as the ground is so pourus and this allows any moisture to be retained retained.

If you do, however, have a small or delicate lawn we can also hand mow it for you. “Just ask Robert”

Andrew and Baxter

Team leader Andrew has extensive knowledge of gardening, plants and planting while Baxter has a great feel for what our customers want. Andrew draws with some help from some of his other colleagues from time to time, when we have a large project and all these guys, are invaluable in managing the major gardens and grounds we look after. Baxter also knows a thing or two about wine , having run some of the more established hospitality venues around Taupo so have a yarn to him and he will point you in the right direction!

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